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Fine Art Photography Prints

As an artist, I have a direct hand in the making process, using museum quality materials and with the intention of producing these to have lasting beauty and value.

(OE-221212_001) This is the time of year for reflection. I’m interested in quietly revealing my presence as the photographer by way of reflection on a surface. Lately I’ve also been interested in fracturing the space of a two-dimensional image into multiple layers, compressing a lot of visual information into the limited space within a frame.


I knew that the windows that windows that Eiotown,, created for Out of the Closet in West Hollywood would be amazing. And sure enough, the displays this year are rich with whimsy and mystery.


PriceFrom $500.00
  • This image has been printed with archival materials to the highest standards of image quality and permanence. As with all paper-based artwork, proper care and handling will ensure image stability. We recommend displaying under glass or acrylic, with limited exposure to UV, florescent lighting and direct sunlight.


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