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Fine Art Photography Prints

As an artist, I have a direct hand in the making process, using museum quality materials and with the intention of producing these to have lasting beauty and value.

( Southern California 2006. They say what's old is new again and that could be said for tiled countertops whether it's in a bathroom or kitchen. Older apartments in Los Angeles tend to have tile counters, witness to a lot of personal items over the years. Evidently, tile is having a retro resurgence, a reaction to granite and marble which have dominated for many years.)


Print sheet surface: luster
The print is signed on verso.
A Certificate of Authenticity is included with the print.



PriceFrom $500.00
  • This image has been printed with archival materials to the highest standards of image quality and permanence. As with all paper-based artwork, proper care and handling will ensure image stability. We recommend displaying under glass or acrylic, with limited exposure to UV, florescent lighting and direct sunlight.


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