Fine Art Photography Prints

About My Photography

I have spent decades specializing in architectural photography. I apply the technical discipline and composition sense of commercial photography in combination with emotion to develop a unique style to how I see the world around me.


Photo:Ken Pivak

Some photographs are intended to document what is in front of the camera while others are interpretations by the photographer. I wish to go beyond the documentary, to explore the visual language that brings forth the emotions of the photographer into the finished image. I provide the beginnings of a story, and I want the viewer to complete it.


Finding the photograph is an intuitive process for me. I will scout an area looking for something interesting. When I find a subject that feels right, I select the point of view and photograph it.

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Limited Editions Fine Art Photography Prints

Fine Art Photography Prints

My Post-Production Process

My post-production process is heuristic, and I love this discovery process. I make technical adjustments both globally and locally within the image, using optical distortion, color, contrast, and exposure. The final composition is much like when a sculpture is finished – reducing and eliminating all the unnecessary elements and in the process revealing the vision the way I see...

Limited Edition Photography Prints

As an artist, I have a direct hand in the making process, using museum quality materials and with the intention of producing these to have lasting beauty and value. Each print is limited and numbered as such.